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Colorful Minds

by Nicholas Ibarra free

Have you ever wondered how to diversify your knowledge to include important historical black people and...

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Extraordinary Women

by Learny Land $3.99

With a title as compelling as “Extraordinary Women,” this app has quite the name to uphold....

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by Brainfeed LLC Free

* Ranked #1 in 70 countries * Top 10 app for kids 9-11 in 110+ countries...

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Women Who Changed The World

by Learny Land $2.99

This is such a beautiful app that does a wonderful job providing facts about historical women...

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Barefoot World Atlas

by Barefoot Books, Inc. $4.99

With this app, you can virtually fly around the world and learn all you’d want to...

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Today in History

by Downshift LLC $3.99

Today in History is a fun, easy to use app that is just jam-packed with significant...

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