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by Open AI free

As a busy mom and wife trying to make the most of my time and find...

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Imprint: Learn Visually

by Polywise, Inc. free

I am always excited to learn new skills and challenge (and grow) my foundation of knowledge....

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by GTHW App Limited free

Headway is a wonderful app that makes reading appealing and easy to add to your everyday...

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Blinkist: Books in 15 minutes

by Blinks Labs Free

This innovative app stands in a league of its own. Good, bad, or indifferent, the age...

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Smart Foods – Organic Diet Buddy

by Saagara LLC Free

When it comes to kids and education, not to mention just everyday living, diet plays a...

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Solve the Outbreak

by Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Free

Wow, this is one amazing app! The player is required to solve some actual outbreaks which...

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