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Our overarching goal at Smart Bubblegum is to impact literacy at the GLOBAL LEVEL by providing the apps, tools, and resources to meet educational challenges and reach new learning levels.

Our team of education specialists, teachers, and parent reviewers understands that each child learns at a different pace, which drives our passion for inspiring every child to succeed. Our dedication is to provide teachers and parents the tools to enhance and customize each child’s education.

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We are not tied to any developers or app stores, so our reports are unbiased and factual. You can trust us — and our resources.

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No more downloading apps that look promising, but are full of bugs and annoying ads or don’t deliver what they promise. We provide access to the best educational apps and resources out there, all in one place.

Fill learning gaps

Seeking additional learning in a particular subject? Just search our site for options and you’ll find exactly what you need for your child’s age and desired level of challenge. Your child will gain new skills using apps you probably wouldn’t have found on your own.

Choose from the best

In a market flooded with resources, it’s hard to find the best ones. We do the research. We review the apps. You get our detailed reports. Then you can truly make the best choices for your child.

Count on us

Our team of education experts is dedicated to helping families connect, collaborate and customize their children’s learning experiences, for success in the classroom — and in life.

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Your monthly membership provides you continual access to the top educational app reports, smart tools, advice, discounts and updates to benefit you and the growth of your child!

Let us be your go-to resource to find the educational tools your kids will love — and learn from!

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