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Explain Everything

by Explain Everything sp. z o.o free

Explain Everything is a versatile app that allows teachers and students to share information in an...

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The Happy Child – Parenting App

by HJB Ventures LLC free

As a parent, how many times have you pondered why parenthood doesn’t come with a manual?...

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Mint: Personal Finance & Money

by Mint.com free

In my efforts to find the best apps to help make parenting life simpler, I stumbled...

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Learner’s Dictionary- English

by Merriam-Webster, Inc. $4.99

Improving your vocabulary and perfecting the intricacies of the English language is now easier than ever....

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Math Brain Booster

by Kirill Dyakonov free

Are you looking to brush up on your math skills? Math Brain Booster will help you...

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Imagine having a resource for learning a new language at your fingertips at any given moment....

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