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by GTHW App Limited free

Headway is a wonderful app that makes reading appealing and easy to add to your everyday...

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Uptime: 5-min Knowledge Hacks

by Uptime App Limited free

Uptime is a clever app that allows you to explore insights from the best books, courses,...

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by Scomy Inc. free

In the day and age of go, go, go, and instant gratification, reading a book cover...

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Serial Reader

by Michael Schmitt Free

*One of Apple’s Best New Apps In my search for book-type apps, I came across Serial...

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iClassics Showcase: an interactive Gift for mystery art book lovers

by iClassics Productions, S.L. Free

The iClassics Showcase app is a perfect way to take in some of the Classics, all...

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iWilde Collection: Oscar Wilde

by iClassics Productions, S.L. $3.99

True to iClassics Productions, this app is a beautiful, truly immersive experience that engrosses the reader...

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