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Imprint: Learn Visually

by Polywise, Inc. free

I am always excited to learn new skills and challenge (and grow) my foundation of knowledge....

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The Presidents Flash Cards

by Technomagination, LLC free

As the name suggests, this app teaches you the presidents of the United States of America....

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World Quiz

by Michal Majewski free

While this may not be THE app for those who’ve yet to learn geography, it most...

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Seneca Women

by Seneca Women free

Seneca Women is an empowering app created by women for women (or anyone interested in learning...

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by Quizizz free

If you are looking for a way to learn new things, study things you already know,...

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Maps of our World

by Trilliarden free

“Maps of our World” is a fantastic app that teaches important geographical facts about our world....

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