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by free

With a near-perfect “score” of 4.8 stars with almost 4,000 ratings, I knew “Answers” was an...

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Phonics Studio

by Innovative Investments Limited $1.99

Phonics Studio is a speech therapy and English language app that is fun to use and...

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Words Booster: Learn Languages

by SleepSci free

If you have ever contemplated learning a new language, Words Booster is a great app to...

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Kid Safe Flashcards Baby Touch

by Yellow Dot free

This adorable flashcard app is perfect for babies or young toddlers. Cheerful music accompanies real-life photos...

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Human Anatomy and Physiology!

by Michael Quach Free

This is a fun app that shares hundreds of facts about the human body. There is...

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Brainscape – Smart Flashcards

by Brainscape Free

Whether you are a student looking to study for a test or a curious individual who...

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