Ladybug at Orchard Avenue

by Oceanhouse Media $2.99

As someone who has always loved ladybugs, I found this app very informative and amusing. I’ve...

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The Witch With No Name

by SlimCricket $2.99

* Featured in the book “iPad Apps for Kids” (part of the “For Dummies” books series)...

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Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe

by Filimundus AB $5.99

Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe is a fun and wacky game that gets kids to put on their “thinking...

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Match Blitz

by Shiny Things $0.99

If you are looking for a fun and competitive matching game, Shiny Things has the app...

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Dexteria Dots 2 – Fine Motor Skills and Math Concepts

by BinaryLabs, Incl $2.99

Dexteria Dots 2 makes practicing arithmetic and motor skills a fun experience! This apps primary purpose...

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