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Lingokids- playlearning

by Monkimun Inc free

Lingokids is a colorful, engaging, and catchy app filled with videos, songs, and lessons targeted toward...

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Imagine having a resource for learning a new language at your fingertips at any given moment....

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Little Chatterbox for Kids

by The Appy Learning Company Ltd free

Little Chatterbox is an innovative language-learning app that uses older children as virtual teachers. As an...

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Droplet: Drops for Kids

by Planb Labs OU Free

Often, the thought of learning a brand new language can be intimidating and overwhelming. Where does...

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Rosetta Stone

by Rosetta Stone, Ltd free

* 2019 PCMag Editors’ Choice* 2019 Tabby Awards Winner* 2019 Best Mobile App Awards: Best Designed...

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Words Booster: Learn Languages

by SleepSci free

If you have ever contemplated learning a new language, Words Booster is a great app to...

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