The Gaming Blues

Dec 8, 2017 | Articles, Parents

Too often kids can be seen with their heads planted firmly in a device, as they funnel their attention on a gaming application. I can see the attraction, but I also think we all can see how these kids are less in communication, not only with others but the world around them.

My solution as a parent is to limit TV and “game” time to one hour a day. Same with phone time. The rest of the time they could start a project, go for a bike ride, make mud pies, whatever. Just get them creating and out in the environment, with their attention outward and living life.

Many parents have their kids enrolled in sports or other activities. I cannot say enough about this. It creates team coordination, communication skills, extroversion, mind and body skills, and much more. Kids enrolled in sports are much more well-rounded and part of the family. Period.

Educational apps have the purpose of educating, giving more practice and filling in gaps. But, like with any application, should not supplant real life application and doingness. That’s what it is for! So, take the time to talk with your kids about how they can apply the information they learn in school, as well as pointing out real life examples. For example, you are at the grocery store, simply have your child add and take away some oranges or the like. Or, go on a day trip to an area where some historical occurrence took place. Maybe even plan a summer vacation around this idea. I remember taking my daughter to Mesa Verde and going on a tour and to the museum. It was fascinating! There is even an app called HISTORY Here, which has a GPS location of sites all around you! REI also has an app that covers National Parks, where you can find yourself on any given trail, with included in depth information on each park.

Live and learn!