Why pay for an app when you can download it for free?

Jun 3, 2020 | Articles, Parents

While many of the educational apps we recommend are free to begin with, here is a reason why you should pay for an ad-free upgrade.

Apps have to make money for the developer. It costs typically $35,000 or more to develop a well-working educational app. The problem is, there are so many new apps created every day, so in order to compete, many developers offer their app for free. Then when you have tested it out and like it, you may be convinced to pay for the upgrade. Other apps offer you the app for free, but you have to watch commercials and ads of whatever. This is how the developer gets paid.

This last version is not what you want when you get an educational app. The problem with watching commercials and ads is that they try to lure you to their product and away from the app, besides the time it takes to watch them.

If you download apps for your child or students, make sure to pay for the ad-free version. You don’t want your child distracted and lured away from his studies. So take your chances and invest a few dollars. 

At Smart Bubble Gum we will tell you if the app is free or costs money. If the app is free but has distracting ads we may not recommend it.