Are Dictionaries Still Relevant?

Jun 12, 2020 | Articles, How to Study, Dictionaries, Literacy and IQ

We came across this article that emphasizes the use of dictionaries and wanted to share it with you…

“In today’s fast-moving digital age and with so much information available at the stroke of a keypad or swipe of a finger, does the need for something as old-fashioned as a dictionary still exist?

Now, probably more so than ever, the need exists to be able to understand and assimilate large amounts of data on complex and evolving subjects. We must ensure that we are accurately informed, so as to make the best decisions regarding our kids, our jobs, our finances, our future, and (gasp!) even our politics.

Perhaps there is no greater resource available to us than the dictionary in order to accomplish this task. It provides no opinion or discourse, it casts no judgment, it only serves to arm its reader with facts and knowledge and facilitates an individual’s self-determinism to go and look for themselves.

As words are the basis of all communication, a dictionary (and the adequate skills to use one), is of vital importance to any literate and freethinking society.

It’s the smartest book you’ll ever own.”