My Favorite Apps

Jun 3, 2020 | Articles, Homeschooling, Parents, Students, Teachers

Meet one of our homeschooling moms. Rocky is one of our app testers and writers. She compiled a list of some of her favorite apps, based on different criteria. And she has tested hundreds! We have included the link to download these apps if you’re interested.

Most fun/addictive:

Peak is a great app because it has so many quick games that are designed to sharpen your mind and challenge your brain. Because the games are short and vary from critical thinking to math, to English (and more), it is impossible to get bored with the content. The level of difficulty adjusts to your abilities, creating a fluid and ever-changing atmosphere.

Words with Friends 2:
The reason this app made my list for most fun/addictive is because of its take on a real-life game (Scrabble) that I loved growing up. What makes the game stick out is the ability to play with other people. It is always more fun when you are up against a challenge, and having people to compete against makes this more exciting.

This app, undoubtedly, makes the list for the most fun! I love that anyone can create quizzes or surveys based on information specific to their interests. It is such a fun way to test others, but also a great way to learn about subjects that maybe I never would’ve thought to explore before.

Most Educational:

The reason this app made it to my list of most educational is that it can be used for any subject by anyone at any time! The ability to create flashcards that are tailored to whatever it is you are learning makes this app the perfect educational tool. It is straightforward to use. I used it to study for a lecture test and for quizzes my kids needed to study for.

Simply Piano:
Simply Piano is my favorite app for teaching music. It does a great job of breaking down the basics and presenting them in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Many small steps build upon each other, making it easy to move at a pace that allows the information to settle in before moving on.

I love Brainfeed because anyone can use it, no matter where their interests lie. There are so many educational videos here; it can appeal to anybody. I like that the videos are usually short, but they still pack a good punch, delivering a good amount of content and information. It is an excellent app for kids to use to supplement book learning.

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