Link Between Educational Games and Literacy

Nov 12, 2018 | Articles, Literacy and IQ

The growth of educational application-based learning in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable. Many studies have shown a close link between the use of educational games and a dramatic increase in subject engagement and subject skills gains.

While there are numerous educational apps out there that can help your students in virtually any subject, choosing the right app for your uses can be overwhelming but vital. At Smart Bubble Gum, we have a team of teachers and experts whose job is to sort through all the available apps and find the absolute best ones.

Why are educational games so effective? There are several reasons why educational applications have gained so much traction and are considered to be more effective when combined with traditional learning methods:

1. They encourage problem-solving.
-In most educational games, students are required to think very quickly. At the same time, they must use logic to think several steps ahead. This quick thinking is what helps them complete levels and solve problems. It also comes in handy later on in life when they have to think on their own to solve a myriad of experiences.

2. They increase student engagement.
 An educational game comes with various challenges that make the student’s experience both pleasant and challenging. In other words, they make it possible to learn and have fun at the same time.

3. They enhance life skill-building.
– An excellent educational game will have certain aspects that will help students hone their skills in certain areas. For example, children can learn to read maps in adventure games or manage finances in sports management games.

4. They improve hand-eye coordination.
A game that requires the student to use a keyboard or a gamepad and a mouse can be very useful when it comes to developing hand-eye coordination. In addition to learning how computers work from a young age, they learn how to operate computers and other electronic devices, which is a vital life skill nowadays.

5.Useful for students with attention disorders.
-For students who experience any type of attention disorder, educational games can be a great tool to keep that student attentive. The fact that these applications offer different challenges at different stages means that monotony is effectively broken.

6. They enhance students’ memory capacities.
Most games involve a fair degree of memorization. Students not only remember relevant information, but they are also required to memorize specific critical sequences. 

The benefits of educational applications in learning cannot be understated. As long as the right games are used for the right subjects, they will be very beneficial to the learning process. At the same time, they help make the learning experience a fun-filled one.