Benefits of Educational Games for Special Needs Kids

Dec 5, 2018 | Articles, Homeschooling, iPad, Tablets, Computers, Parents

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of learning opportunities for special needs kids, thanks to companies that specialize in creating educational apps for kids. Today, it’s easy to find educational games that can help children with special needs in virtually any subject.

Apart from their disability-friendly features, these games are also very cost effective. It is fair to say that special needs kids are now in a much better position to take full advantage of the benefits that come with these apps, just like their peers.

At Smart Bubble Gum, we have seen firsthand how well educational apps can increase the learning capacities of special needs kids, especially when it comes to improving reading, writing and math skills. Our job is to sort through the thousands of educational apps in the market and find the best educational games for kids.

Here are some of the benefits of using educational apps for special needs kids:

1.Easy to use.

For a child who lacks motor skills, knowing how to coordinate between a screen, keyboard and mouse can pose a serious challenge. Educational apps come in handy, in this case, due to their all-in-one components which make them very easy to master.

2. Level playing field for special needs kids and their peers.

During the normal learning process, children living with disabilities can feel left out as their peers continue to advance. However, with certain educational games, those children can have a level playing field and feel like part of what is happening around them. They also help maintain a degree of privacy for children who would otherwise be too shy to express themselves in the classroom.

3. Increased communication.

With educational apps, special needs kids are better placed to express themselves and make it easier for caregivers to give them the help that they need at any given moment. Apps can be customized to help children express their desires to caregivers.

4. Numerous built-in accessibility tools.

An educational app comes with numerous modifications that make it easy for any child to learn how to use it and reap its benefits. Assistive Touch and VoiceOver are just some of the features that are incorporated in apps that can be great for special needs kids.

In summary:

While educational games are a great aid for special needs kids, caregivers must be careful to let those kids become overly reliant on them. It’s all about maintaining a healthy balance between the obvious benefits and experiencing life in a normal way just like any other kid.