Help your kids learn, and make it fun!

Jun 3, 2020 | Articles, Education, Parents

Keep your kids busy and having fun with these learning apps.

While we are all coping with more together time with our kids, Smart Bubblegum has found and reviewed tons of learning apps that can help kids learn while having fun.  You can find reports of all of these on Smart Bubblegum, while in this newsletter we focus on Book Apps – also known as Reading Apps. Here we will briefly recommend some of our favorites. For the full report and to download the apps, see the apps below.

1) Reading IQ – this is a free app that gives you the feeling of being surrounded by endless literature. The app is designed for kids from ages 2- 12 and puts a personalized library at your fingertips. This digital library is where you will find more than 7,000 books, with many popular publishers featured.

2) Amazon Free Time – As a leg of Amazon, this is an app for readers of all ages, including adults. It allows up to 4 users to have access to more than 10,000 books, movies, and TV shows. Each user has his own profile and content is curated to that individual’s interests. This app includes a parent dashboard so you can monitor and control what your children see and how much screen time they are spending. Downloading it allows you a free one month trial.

3) Serial Reader – Designed for readers age 12 and older, Serial Reader is a great app to encourage reading every day. Serial Reader is a book app that is home to over 600 books, with new titles regularly added. The idea behind this app is to provide books to readers in a series of “bite-sized” portions, making reading more palatable. The books are unabridged but delivered in segments (the app calls them issues) based on your time preference. The classics are all here as well as new books. This app allows you to sync your reading across a variety of devices.

4) Bookful – For anyone age 8 and under, this app has won several parent and teacher awards and was featured by Apple under its best new apps. Bookful brings stories to life, using augmented reality which will wow readers, young and old by all the art-inspired details that are in each virtual book. The three-dimensional images are very impressive along with charming background music.

5) Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories – This app won an Apple App of the Day award and it is no wonder. This solves the problem of settling your child down at the end of the day. Complete with over 40 hours of relaxing audio (no video needed) this app contains stories to fall asleep to, meditations, music, and sounds. The stories are audio-only so no screens are needed. They are narrated by some familiar names such as Goldie Hawn, Patrick Stewart and others. The app contains impressive meditation, music, and sounds. And there is original content added every week so this never gets old or boring. Your kids will love it and so will you! Get a 7-day free trial to see if you like it and then it is just $40 per year.

If you have more favorites, please feel free to look through all the other apps we have analyzed on Smart Bubblegum. And let us hear from you as to which are your favorites!