Great Homeschooling Options

Jun 3, 2020 | Articles, Homeschooling, Online Education, Parents

Right now, we are living with this unusual set of circumstances worldwide, and many of us have been thrown into the role of homeschoolers. Fortunately, several of the usual homeschooling programs and websites are offering free or discounted access to help parents and teachers continue to teach students and make learning opportunities available to all. We’ll highlight two of the options here.

PenPal Schools:
PenPal Schools is offering free access for the duration of the pandemic so that learners everywhere can access high-quality online learning materials while maintaining the social interaction necessary for their continued development. They emphasize project-based learning and have suggested topics, videos, and resources to help guide various projects.

Their programs include reading, where students read and analyze non-fiction texts; writing, where students have the opportunity to share ideas with an actual authentic audience; digital citizenship, where students can collaborate using technology; and social and emotional skills, where students learn to build empathy, curiosity, and respect.

The platform allows parents (or teachers) to select topics for the students to study, while the child receives his own pin to allow him to log in any time he wants to learn with Pen Pals. In order to make sure it is safe, children must be invited by a verified teacher or parent to use the site; teachers and parents can monitor all messages the child receives, and all data is secure and encrypted.

Parents who are interested can learn more and enroll for free at penpalschools.com/parents.

Reading Horizons At-Home:
Reading Horizons At-Home is a home school reading program, specially designed to help readers who are struggling or those with dyslexia. Their Discovery Online program is geared for children ages 4-9 years old and includes interactive lessons, built-in assessments, fun, and engaging games. Their Elevate Online is for children 10 and up and teaches reading in a systematic and sequential manner, starting from basic skills and moving towards more complex skills. Elevate features skill-based lessons, assessments, a library with more than 300 high-interest non-fiction passages, an administration portal, and more.

SPECIAL OFFER! They’re offering 20% off ALL of their online software programs. Enter this discount code at checkout: Homeschool20. The link to click on for parents is athome.readinghorizons.com.

Check out the above two options and many other homeschooling resources at HowtoHomeschool.net. HowtoHomeschool works with new and advanced homeschoolers to help them understand the home school curriculum options available to them. While this site helps all parents learn how to home school their children, it also helps parents who are looking to supplement what their children are doing in public or private school, so you can even use these resources when your children finally return to the classroom.

Meanwhile, continue to enjoy the time you have with your family! This is precious time to take advantage of and show how much you love one another.