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Apr 16, 2021 | Articles, Education, Homeschooling, Lastest News, Parents

Educational Company Promotes Learning for Children Worldwide 

“Learning is our Mission”

Smart Bubblegum, the global leader in children’s online educational learning apps, is passionate about learning. Founder, Bob Twaalfhoven, created the company with an unwavering and focused commitment for improving children’s literacy. The company recently announced a new offer of ONE-MONTH FREE ACCESS to the Virtual Learning Dashboard. 

Find details here: https://SmartBubblegum.com/expandlearning/

Child learning with Mom

Smart Bubblegum’s passion propelled them to reach out to parents still struggling with at-home learning during the pandemic. Because many parents also struggle financially, even with additional government assistance, the company is now offering a one-month free trial.

Bob Twaalfhoven believes “educational learning apps are an exceptional new way to help kids increase literacy. Using these apps can help your C student transform into an A+ student.”

When parents join Smart Bubblegum, they get access to the tools they need for making a difference in their child’s learning. The company is the authority in the educational learning apps space, so parents can trust they will see results when their child uses the recommended apps, tools, and resources.

Parents can easily create a program to meet their child’s specific needs from the learning apps dashboard. They can use it to fill in educational gaps created as a result of remote learning during COVID. They’ll see their child more engaged in learning, and they’ll appreciate how much time and money they can save. 

Every parent wants to be confident in their child’s ability to learn, grow, and advance. With Smart Bubblegum as a partner, children from kindergarten to high school can accelerate learning and achieve educational goals.

With the return to the classroom still uncertain amid the ongoing pandemic, Smart Bubblegum is the best resource to finding the right apps to supplement children’s education.

Smart Bubblegum is dedicated to providing children worldwide with easy access to the education they need through technology.

ABOUT Smart Bubblegum

Bob Twaalfhoven, originally from the Netherlands, founded Smart Bubblegum with the goal of making a positive impact on world literacy. 

An MIT graduate, he started several software companies and noticed that it was only by chance he could find good programs and apps. Because there are millions of existing apps and more coming online every day, finding the right educational apps is difficult. These apps make up the third-largest category. 

Knowing the internet makes access to knowledge so easy, Bob started curating a collection of the best learning apps for children. Children get better learning and parents reduce time, cost, and frustration from having to research on their own. 

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