Back to School Tips

Aug 3, 2017 | Articles, Education, Homeschooling, Online Education, Parents

Dear Parents,

Fall is almost here and it’s time to prepare for the new school year. Here are some tips to help your child and your family get ready for school.

1. Re-establish school routines. Start getting your child to bed on time now to prepare for when school starts. Experts say that four and five year old children need 12 hours of sleep a night! Use these next few weeks to get into a school-day routine.

2. Take your child grocery shopping with you to help pick out nutritious food and snacks for his lunchbox. That way he will eat what you pack.

3. Have your child pick out a new, larger lunchbox to carry his snacks and lunch. It has been proven that children learn better when they are well-fed.  Packing two to three protein rich snacks in addition to your child’s regular lunch is a great way to ensure that he has enough healthy food for the school day. Be sure your child’s name is clearly marked on their lunch box.

4. Before school starts, designate a standard “homework spot” in your home as well as a standard homework time. This will help keep homework predictable for your child and help him stay willing to get it done. You can designate a spot where school things like backpacks and lunchboxes always go to avoid last minute scrambles in the morning.

5. Make a sick day game plan. Most parents are working parents. Before school begins, line up a trusted babysitter or group of parents that can pitch in for each other when children get sick.

6. Turn off the TV and video games.  If your child has been spending the Summer with these activities, now is the time to “wean them off”. Have them spend time reading, doing puzzles, creating or playing outside.

7. Attend their school orientation. This is the best way for a parent to start off on the right foot for a successful year.
I hope you find these suggestions helpful to you and your family in preparation for the new school year.

Carol Kirtley

Dean of Academics
Delphi Academy