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Leela Kids

by Leela Labs Inc. Free

I love this idea for an app! Leela Kids is a kid-friendly podcast app loaded with...

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Google Play Books

by Google, Inc. Free

Similar to Amazon, Google has its own app in which you can buy books and read...

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Amazon Kindle

by AMZN Mobile LLC Free

What if I told you that you didn’t need a Kindle – to have a Kindle?...

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Universal Zoom: All About Sizes and Distances

by GamifyIt $3.99

I have to say that I was very impressed by this app. It is beautifully designed,...

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Voice Dream Reader

by Voice Dream LLC $14.99

Voice Dream Reader turns your books and reading materials into an audio/visual experience. This means text-to-speech,...

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Survival Guide

by Max Soderstrom Free

This app is a useful tool for all ages. While it is unlikely that you will have...

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