Save Your Child From Pandemic Learning Loss With This Simple Tool

Save Your Child From Pandemic Learning Loss With This Simple Tool

So many things changed during 2020, especially when it came to education. From kindergarteners starting out at home, to middle and highschoolers taking classes from their bedrooms, the pandemic completely changed how we learn. 

A lot of parents saw how hard this was on their kids – logging in and out of apps, forgetting passwords, and watching their teachers talk on a screen. All of this frustrated and challenged kids in ways we couldn’t anticipate. Beyond missing out on the benefits of socializing with peers and in-person teaching, children of all ages experienced disruption in their education when learning throughout lockdowns in 2020.

Now that restrictions have lifted and schools are reopening, a lot of us are wondering how we can make sure our kids are up to speed. Are there tools, apps or resources available to help your child catch up on the learning lost during the pandemic? How can we sort through all the options out there to figure out what’s best for our kids?

Smart Bubblegum is here to help.

Smart Bubblegum is the world’s first online learning tool that collects and places all educational apps and resources in one, simple and easily accessible place. When you login to Smart Bubblegum, you can immediately start searching for apps, articles, tools and resources to meet your child’s educational needs. Even better, you can filter your search by age, subject and grade. Our team of educational experts, including education specialists, teachers, parent reviewers and kid testers invest time into testing and reviewing everything so you can see at a glance whether an app, resource, article or tool will help your child catch up on a subject they need extra support for.

Smart Bubblegum is not tied to developers or app stores, so our reports are unbiased and factual. You can trust us — and our resources. Our overarching goal is to positively impact your child’s educational needs by providing the apps, tools, and resources to overcome challenges and reach new levels of learning.

We make sure that you have everything you need to ensure your child doesn’t suffer from pandemic learning loss – when you join Smart Bubblegum, you get access to advice, videos, webinars, smart tools, and updates to benefit you and the growth of your child! Better yet, you also get first access to exclusive discounts, “free download” promo codes, and alerts when apps go on sale.

With Smart Bubblegum, you can be sure that your child’s education is always best in class.

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