What they missed in school!

May 23, 2024 | Uncategorized

What they missed in school!

While a general education can include many subjects, not everyone agrees on what are some of the most important subjects a child should be taught!

As a baby we learn how to control our bodies and how to speak. But early on we want to learn how to read and write. That subject is one of the first, not optional! Without being able to read, how are you going to learn most other subjects?

But one that I also consider essential is learning how to cook. After all, eating is not optional either. Yet this is something I never learned while growing up. I never even learned how to make a simple sandwich, until I graduated from college, and had to figure it out myself.

Yet your health depends in great measure on what you eat on a daily basis. Continuously going to fast food restaurants is not a good option.

Start your child early in helping with preparation of meals. They will find it fun. Teach them how to make simple stuff at first. A peanut butter sandwich, corn flakes with milk, a glass of orange juice. Next let them get a little creative, a sandwich or toast with butter, mayonnaise, cheese or ham, lettuce, and tomato. Children love to experiment and try to come with their own ideas. Soon they will want to make something that doesn’t really seem right from your own experience. Chocolate syrup on a ham sandwich? Pickles on a jelly sandwich? But let them figure it out themselves.

It is not hard to make scrambled eggs, or a salad. Spaghetti with a nice sauce, grill some meat or hamburgers on a barbeque. Fruit salad is always popular. Add a banana or blue berries to yoghurt. How to make tea.

Make sure to take them shopping at the grocery store and pick out the foods. You can even put their math lessons to practice. Figure out what arithmetic is for. Count the money and how much change you get back!

And who knows, maybe they will pursue a career in food preparation. Become a popular chef. But in any family a decent meal is always appreciated!

So put cooking on the list of essentials to learn at a young age! Who knows, some day they will want to bring you breakfast in bed for your birthday or Mother’s day!