What is the key to strong spelling skills?

Mar 20, 2019 | Articles, Education, Parents, Teachers

If your children are good readers, does this mean that they are good spellers? I think the answer to that question has a great deal to do with how well they understand basic phonics rules.

From my own experience of reading via phonics, vs. sight recognition, phonics gives a new reader an impenetrable foundation. If a child understands basic vowel sounds, including combinations as well as consonant sounds and their combinations, he or she can work out pretty much anything.

Since reading and spelling are a foundation to learning, it is of utmost importance that these skills be well adhered to.

I clearly recall the pure joy of hearing my daughter read for the first time. We sat and cuddled on the couch as she read through a simple “first reader”, based on the phonics flash cards we had been drilling. It paid off and it paid off big! The confidence and understanding she received from learning basic letter combinations has carried her through her school years like a breeze. I am certain that her love for reading and writing is a reflection of this foundation. I also recommend the book Why Johnny Can’t Read.
The bottom line is, when you know something works, there is a desire to share it with others. Since our spelling and reading apps are primarily phonics based, I hope that you and yours will benefit from our search for the best. From the mid 1950’s, when sight reading was incorporated into the school system, vs. a strong backbone of phonics, literacy has taken a toll. This is covered well in the above link.

You may find the following Webinar All About Phonics very informative!

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