Is Social Media Impacting your Child’s Education? Find Out Now…

Social Media and Its Impact on Children

Social media is a central part of life for teens and kids. There’s no denying that ever since social media first made its way into our lives, things changed. From how we socialize, to how we learn – social media has permanently shaped the way we do important things.

For parents and teachers alike, a common concern among us is whether social media has an impact on our own kids’ educations. In short, it does impact their education in a number of different ways.

The Positives of Social Media

Most teens and kids use some kind of social media to connect with each other. Some of the positive impacts of this include keeping up to date on events happening around the world, socializing without physically meeting, strengthening friendships with classmates and accessing diverse content about different topics for free. 

Oftentimes, teens and kids prefer to use social media as an outlet for learning and creativity because of the safe and non-judgemental space it can provide for them and their peers.

Negatives of Social Media

However, although there are many positives, there are still negative ways that social media can impact our kids’ education and lives. For example, it can lead to isolation from reduced or negative social interaction, access to inappropriate content, cyberbullying among certain communities and data breaches of sensitive information.

All of these negatives can distract from education, school and positive learning experiences. 

Taking this into consideration means that the negative impacts of social media can outweigh the positives for many parents and teachers, and leave us understandably concerned.


How can we make sure our kids are accessing safe, appropriate and educational content that positively impacts their lives? 


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