Protecting Your Child’s Privacy With 1 Simple Step

It’s normal to worry about your child’s safety online. Every parent wants the best for their child, and that doesn’t stop at internet-usage. With so many apps, social media platforms and online products readily available at our fingertips, it can really start to feel like a minefield when it comes to knowing what’s best for our kids. So much has changed with the way we use the internet, social media and everything associated with it, keeping up with the latest trends, safety and best practices is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Even when you feel as though you’ve done your best with research and education, there can still be a lot out there online that concerns you for your kids. 

As technology evolves, the different ways that we can interact with the internet are multiplying, and it’s not restricted to your computer or smartphone anymore. It’s across the board with interactive toys, iPads and wearables – all of these devices collect personal information about their users and offer the option of interacting with products and people worldwide. 

Where To Start

Inappropriate content, cyberbullying, data breaches and dangerous people are just some of the things that parents need to look out for when their kids are using the internet. A good starting point for all parents is to do research on the apps, tools and products your kids are using and to understand what information they might be sharing when they use them.

Take Precautions

Alongside research, parents can educate their children about the importance of safeguarding their personal information, and encourage them to speak to you openly if something suspicious or questionable occurs. Teaching them how to report abuse or inappropriate behavior online is also crucial, so they always know what action they can take immediately.

Is There An Easy Solution?

Research, education and open conversations are important tools you can use to protect your child’s privacy online, but this is just a start. There are now specialized options available for parents and children that make protecting your child’s privacy online easier than ever.

Smart Bubblegum is the world’s first online platform for parents, teachers and kids who are passionate about safe internet usage that positively impacts their education, skills and happiness. Smart Bubblegum was founded with a mission to provide parents, teachers and kids with unbiased, neutral information about the most appropriate and educational apps, online products and tools out there for your kids.

How Smart Bubblegum Works

When you log into Smart Bubblegum, you can immediately start searching for apps, digital products or tools for your child. You can filter these searches by age range, subject or difficulty level to suit your child’s needs. Smart Bubblegum then shows you all the best apps, products and tools available, with comprehensive reviews, ratings and reports completed by our team of educational specialists, teachers and parents.

Using Smart Bubblegum as a source to find the best apps, social media, products and tools for your kids means that you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety online anymore. On our platform, you can immediately see from reviews what data your child will share at a glance, and decide if this is something you feel comfortable with or not.

You don’t have to worry about sensitive information leaking, data breaches or other privacy concerns anymore. With Smart Bubblegum, you can be confident that your child’s internet-usage will always be safe, educational and fun!

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