The One-Stop-Shop for Top-Notch Educational Resources

The One-Stop-Shop for Top-Notch Educational Resources

The current pandemic has caused a flux in the way students are learning. Whether parents choose to keep their children in-person, virtually, or in hybrid learning styles, children have had to make dramatic adjustments in their everyday educational style. Unfortunately, parents are seeing a dramatic decline in all or many students’ current academic performance. 

As a result, parents have taken on the brunt of supporting their children through the ups and downs of virtual learning. 81% of homeschooling parents have reported increased stress levels due to having their child home during school hours. Many parents have sought out resources to aid in the burden of keeping their children from falling into academic gaps during the pandemic. 

Now that most schools are back to in-person instruction, many parents are left wondering what resources are available to help close their child’s learning gaps. Luckily, Smart Bubblegum is here to help parents target their individual child’s needs for growth and provide in-depth learning opportunities to get them back on track! Finally, one site with countless resources for ensuring your child’s success.

How Smart Bubblegum Works

Smart Bubblegum is the first comprehensive resource for students, teachers, and parents to access all educational apps in one place. No more searching, no more scrapping for the best resources available; Smart Bubblegum has them all!

Our educational specialists have carefully researched and curated a variety of apps, and allow parents to access the site and simply enter what resources they are looking for in the search bar. These include math, English, social studies, science, and more!

They can refine their searches by searching within the students’ age or grade level. Parents then arrive, with ease, at a variety of top-notch educational apps to support the individual needs of their child’s learning. Educational specialists, teachers, parent reviewers, and kid testers will provide the best apps and resources for success in their current academic challenges. There’s no better way to put the best resources in your child’s lap and help them close those pandemic gaps!

When parents become a member of Smart Bubblegum, they will receive updated news on educational trends and technology. They will have access to continued support with advice, videos, webinars, and smart tools. In addition, members will also have unlimited access to all the top education and award-winning, kid-approved apps! 

Smart Bubblegum finds the most effective learning resources for kids and their families through unbiased and neutral reviewers and testers. Experts report on usability, reliability, safety, and educational merit. 

Our goal is to impact student literacy on a global level! Smart Bubblegum has no affiliation with any apps, developers, or third-party investors; all their reviews and advice are based on fact, personal experience and are given with the student’s best interest in mind. 

Best of all, Smart Bubblegum is user-friendly. Parents and students alike will be able to easily navigate the site to reach the full scope of its potential with a few clicks of a button! Parents, it’s time to take the stress of at-home learning off your plates. So sign up to be a member at Smart Bubblegum today, sit back, relax, and watch your child thrive!

You can test out Smart Bubblegum today with one month of free access!