Mar 20, 2019 | ADHD, ADD & Other Wrong Labels, Articles, Parents, Teachers

Despite anything that the “experts” say, those elusive but damaging “learning disorders,” ADD and ADHD are not caused by a mysterious chemical imbalance.

These tragic conditions are simply the result of poor instruction. IT IS NOT YOUR CHILD’S BRAIN that is the problem! IT IS DESTRUCTIVE AND PSYCH-ORIENTED INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS – from bad curriculum to bad teaching that makes your child fidget, fuss, and get teary-eyed when confronted with going to school.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the “chemical imbalance” theory happens to be directly proportional to two things: the profit index for the medications that are designed to suppress the symptoms and the extra federal grant monies that are allocated to schools based upon the number of children diagnosed as “learning impaired.”

Even the name, “learning disorder” is completely twisted! How is it possible for your 5-yr old to be able to fit together the latest 100-piece Lego character or to navigate complex gaming platforms but somehow have a “learning disorder” that only kicks in in a classroom? You must be kidding.

Schools are riddled with bad curriculum which, in the case of reading, consists of making a child memorize whole words rather than learn the sounds that letters and groups of letters make. It is almost too simple to fit letters together to make words and become a fluent reader.

In order to force the unnatural memorization method of ‘reading’ down our kids’ throats, many teachers become authoritarian in their attempts to control their classrooms. And there it is: a sudden outbreak of ADHD with its easy solution of drugging our bright and energetic youth so that they will sit still and take it.

However, you CAN do something about it!

First, know what the process of learning how to read consists of as gone over above. Then, find lots of phonics games that focus on the sounds that letters make (not whole word memorization) that are appropriate to your child’s learning level and let him play to his heart’s content!

By the way, it is extremely easy to know what is appropriate to your child’s learning level… that which will keep him engaged is just right! Even if you think it is too easy, just let him play… and learn.

I am unashamedly putting in a plug for Smart Bubble Gum right here… the games you will find on this site are all good and will keep your child on the fast path to learning how to read despite the ‘best’ intentions of the powers that be.

Lyn Demaree