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We know there are tens of thousands of apps available in today’s marketplace. It can be overwhelming trying to choose the best app for your needs. That’s why Smart Bubble Gum was founded – to give you a reliable source of data about each app.

Our team of teachers, educational specialists, parent reviewers, and kid testers search high and low for the best apps in each subject, and then we evaluate them for their usability, reliability, educational merit and, of course, safety. We sort out the junky apps filled with ads or inappropriate content, saving you valuable time and helping you avoid “uh-oh” moments from unreliable apps.

You can trust the recommended apps from ABCapps, as we’ve done all the sorting, playing, and reviewing for you to ensure the app you’ll be using is best in class. We don’t earn any money from app developers or app stores, so our reviews are unbiased and factual. Members get even more benefits with the ability to create wishlists, get instant access to apps, and more.

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By: Within Unlimited, Inc.

We haven’t seen anything like this before. I am always skeptical when it comes to kids apps and try to limit my kids’ screen time but this one blew us all away. Exploring this pop up dynamic world is an amazing motivator to read in complete sentences instead of words or fragments. It was like a moving playground in our space where we could all explore. My son was standing, walking and even jumping (along with reading) while using this app unlike some other games where he is in some sedentary trance. Highly recommend to parents who may prefer to keep their kids engaged with their actual environment and reading instead of engrossed in a screen fantasy.” – L.T.

The Elements

By: Theodore Grey

An Absolute Must-Have. What makes this app amazing is Mr. Gray’s fantastic descriptions of each and every element. Concise, accurate, and most of all, interesting. I directly attribute my son’s love of science to this app. I have purchased over 500 apps since I bought my first iPhone, but The Elements stands out as my single favorite purchase.” – A.M.


By: Byron Barton

GREAT app! My 3 yr old loves trucks so needless to say, this app was an instant hit. Not only does he get to see the many types of trucks, he is also learning the jobs that the trucks and their drivers perform, great educational value! As a parent of a budding reader, I appreciate the word-highlighting, along with tapping on the paragraph to hear it read again. This is a wonderful, fun, educational app that I would HIGHLY recommend!” – A.K.

The Lonely Beast 123

By: James Kelleher

Brilliant. Hysterical, charming, instructive and fun for all ages! Like a good Disney movie, the beast abc and 123 apps have something for the parents/grandparents too. My grandkids love the beast, and so do all the many friends and their toddlers that I’ve told about the apps. Wish there were more!” – A.K.

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens


This game is perfect. It’s puzzles are challenging (but not impossible) and low-pressure. The characters are customizable and funny, and the soundtrack is pleasant with silly sound effects. It develops critiical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun way. My 5 year old loves it, and I do too. A+! Please make more of these games.” – M.H.


By: Vectorpark.com

Best kid app we have found. Hands down this is the best kids app that we’ve come across to date. Our 3.5 year old started playing with this around age 2. It’s amazingly intuitive and the designs respond to almost any type of interaction from the user. As such, it’s far less frustrating than other “games” which won’t function correctly unless the child is taught what to touch and when. Can not recommend this highly enough. Wish Vectorpark would come out with more like this!” – A.J.

How to improve your study? The #1 tool is a good dictionary!

Have you ever wondered why some students are better at learning than others? Well the tools exist to turn anyone into a better student! There are a number of factors that go into becoming a smart student. These factors will guarantee that you can become proficient at whatever field you choose.

The first is making sure you understand what you are reading. This is done foremost through the use of a dictionary. Extensive research has proven that the dictionary is the greatest tool for mastering any subject!

There are a lot of dictionaries available in the English language. Some of the best are Websters, Oxford, Collins and Longman. Many of these are also available as apps on the iPhone and iPad and we have listed the best on our site. This is one of our favorites – Merriam-Webster Dictionary+. You can read the report we wrote about it too.

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College Student

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