The Healthiest Way to Manage Kids Screen Time Is Here….

In today’s world, kids are growing up digital. They have everything available at their fingertips in the form of a connected phone, iPad or other device. As a busy parent, this can come with its pros, cons, excitements and concerns. Understandably, when you have a million things to do in your day, sometimes handing your child a device to keep them calm is the best option available. 

However, in a time when there is so much information and content available online, it’s hard to know if your child is using tech in the healthiest possible way. No one cares more about your child’s success and well-being than you do, that’s why it’s important to try to make sure they learn how to use electronics healthily and productively.


Not All Apps Are Equal

There is a lot of problematic content online. From useless apps, and inappropriate content to questionable influencers and games, it can be difficult to know what direction to point your child towards when they’re online. At times, even apps for kids that are labeled as beneficial or educational can turn out to be the complete opposite. With little research out there that demonstrates the quality of these apps, products that are advertised as useful to your children can end up as time-wasting distractions that keep your child from learning or improving their skills. 

Luckily, there is a new solution out there for parents to help them quickly sift through the thousands of available apps, games and products for children to find products that will work best for your kids.


A New Solution to Managing Screen Time

Smart Bubblegum is the world’s first online platform that provides unbiased, neutral research and reviews of all apps, tools, resources and other products available for children. When you log into Smart Bubblegum, you can quickly search for the educational products your child needs and understand at a glance what the absolute best options are for them. 


How It Works

The Smart Bubblegum team is made up of educational specialists, teachers, and parent reviewers who are united by the same goal – to provide teachers, parents and children with the best tools to enhance and customize each child’s education.

Our team researches, tests and reviews each app, product and tool to provide you with the best information out there for your child. You won’t have to worry about your iPad or phone becoming filled with buggy apps that don’t deliver on what they promise. On Smart Bubblegum, you have the best educational apps and resources out there in one easy-to-access-place, so your child’s screen time will always be beneficial, productive and fun.

Better yet, if your child needs a little extra support in a particular subject, you can search our site for options to find exactly what you need for their age and level of challenge. Your child will level up their skills using apps you wouldn’t have found on your own before.


Count On Us

It’s a pretty flooded market out there when it comes to kids apps, products and resources. Luckily, with Smart Bubblegum, you can trust that we do the research that you don’t have time for. You’ll get detailed reviews and reports to help you make the best choices for your child. Even better, with a monthly membership, you’ll have continual access to top educational app reports, smart tools, expert advice, discounts and updates to benefit you and the growth of your child!

Start making screen time educational, productive and fun! Sign up today to try Smart Bubblegum and find the apps and tools your kids will love and learn from!

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