May 22, 2024 | Uncategorized

Recently AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been in the media a lot. Especially since ChatGPT was made available to the public and Microsoft invested a lot of money into it. As an educational website at SmartBubbleGum we are doing the research to see how it can be useful in education! No doubt about it, that it is already a very useful research tool. But what about a curriculum for students? Can it make suggestions how to make a child smarter, or help with an area the student has difficulties with? If we integrate AI into SmartBubblegum, can AI suggest which apps would be most beneficial, based on some input of what you need help with?

We are doing the research right now. Meanwhile Khanacademy  already integrated a version of ChatGPT. Its called Khanmigo.ai  This one is subscription based, unlike Khanacademy.org which is free.

Can ChatGPT help me learn Spanish? While driving for two days straight from Kentucky to Florida, I decided to see if ChatGPT could teach me Spanish. Because I was driving, I could not look at an app like Babble or Duolingo on my iPhone screen. However I could start a conversation with ChatGPT. It worked OK, and the new release from last week works even much better.

You have to download the ChatGPT app on your iPhone and tell it you want to learn Spanish. There is a button on the screen with a headset. When you press this, it goes into audio mode and listens. Then I told it, give me a Spanish word to learn. Next I spoke it out loud several times. That is the best and fastest way to learn a new language, speak it out loud repetitively! ChatGPT listened, and sometimes corrected my pronunciation. I actually enjoyed it and went through a number of words and phrases. Other commands that I tried included: “Teach me a Spanish phrase”.

In this way, it became like a tutor, sitting next to me in the car. A very patient tutor! Although sometimes it keeps repeating the same information, which can become annoying. But the future looks bright that ChatGPT, or AI can become a great language tutor. Let us know if you try this and if there are any useful commands to help make it the perfect foreign language tutor! I already figured out some useful commands. “Say it slower” (when ChatGPT was too fast and I could not understand how to say the phrase). “Next word”, “Repeat that phrase”, “teach me a simple phrase in Spanish”.  At times ChatGPT remembers what words you have already learned in previous session. This helps to make progress.