Add Hype to Homework Routines

Nov 9, 2021 | Articles, Parents

The education experts at Smart Bubblegum understand that homework is intended to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom and help ensure both comprehension and retention of those lessons. We recommend several ways you can add a little “hype” to your child’s homework routine. Make it fun and minimize battles, let’s live up to the homework hype!

Use the buddy system

Look to their classmates or current circle of friends who may be taking the same classes and have them come to your house to complete their homework together (different from cheating!) But because all work and no play makes your home NO FUN, be sure to schedule some free time to hang out AFTER the work is complete. The smell of cookies baking might add a little sugar to the pot to get their assignments done.

Become Your Child’s Learning Sidekick

Since a newly reimagined playdate may not work every night, YOU can occasionally take on the role of homework buddy. This is an especially good idea with young learners and kids who are struggling in some subjects. Not only will it offer an opportunity for you to demonstrate to your kids that what they are learning is interesting, but it will provide you with valuable insight with regard to their work ethic, comprehension, potential obstacles to overcome, and – equally important – how tough it can be to be a kid. Try your best not to apply added pressure to these homework sessions. Keep them light and make some memories.

Connecting to their real world

Make it real, if they are learning about marine animals plan a family trip to the aquarium. If they are reading a novel for an upcoming book report that is less than inspiring, find a movie version for a movie night to spark interest form a different perspective. If there’s a math concept they’re struggling with, break out the chalk and use the driveway for fun different problem solving application. Learning apps are another wonderful way to show kids that learning can be fun – and you can find a full library on a wide variety of subjects at SmartBubblegum.com.

Strategize Around the Struggle

If you find that your child is struggling in a subject, your first course of action should be to discuss with the teacher potential options for improvement. At the same time, you can view the learning app options in that particular subject on SmartBubblegum.com to find the one that resonates best with your child and helps them make the leap from frustration to comprehension. The entire library of learning apps at SmartBubblegum.com is searchable by subject, making it easy for you so they can start learning through play right away!

Start exploring homework help options – from apps to online tutors – TODAY at SmartBubblegum.com! From all of us here at Smart Bubblegum, play more, get smarter.