5 Tips for Finding the Books that Bind

Jul 20, 2021 | Articles, Lastest News, Parents

Parent Challenge: Do you know what your Child’s favorite book is?

5 Tips for Finding the Books that Bind

Is the art of the bedtime story lost? We don’t think so, technology affords us a new way that enhances the reading experience, reinforce learning, foster a lifelong love of reading. The pros at Smart Bubblegum present the following five tips to help you find the books that bind…

Frame a Fondness
Whether it’s cars, princesses, dinosaurs, or ponies, chances are you have a fairly good “read” on the things that your child likes best. Design an early library around their favorite things, experiences and interests, then demonstrate that you share a similar fondness for the things they love as you read to them. 

Keep It Age-Appropriate
Books for toddlers are designed to engage them – from vivid, colorful illustrations and sing-song verses to pop-up books with a special surprise on each page. If you prefer physical books to start, look to durable board books that little hands can handle without destroying. If e-readers are more your speed, do your research to find the most indestructible brands and/or cases. 

Resist the Reward
If you sense that your child is developing a love of reading, resist the urge to dangle it like a carrot in exchange for good behavior. For example, “If you eat all your brussels sprouts, I’ll read you TWO books tonight.” means you’ve just tied a potentially negative experience to what should only be a positive one. Instead, make reading an expectation – something they understand is just a natural part of their daily life.

Create Experiences
It’s easy to create experiences around book reading – whether it’s a devoted corner for a book nook and a favorite blanket to snuggle under, an impromptu pillow fort with flashlights, costumes that coincide with the books you’re reading, silly voices for each of the book’s characters or a special ritual you undergo every time it’s book time. Create that dedicated time with you to explore fantastic worlds and unusual characters together.

Don’t Just Read… Have Them TELL
Once you’ve read to your child(ren), ask them questions so they can tell you the story in their own words. Not only is this a great way to gauge their engagement and absorption, but it’s also a powerful tool for helping them grow as a communicator. Apply this to other areas of their lives, as well. When you share experiences outside of the pages of a book – like a trip to the zoo or a visit to the dentist, ask them questions and have them tell you the story of their experience. By doing so, you will make storytelling a part of their life.

Smart Bubblegum’s extensive library of books, educational apps and games can help you connect with your child while encouraging a love of reading AND learning as a whole. Learn more at SmartBubblegum.com.