How do I fit a universe into my room?

Feb 26, 2021 | Articles, Lastest News, Parents

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Our SmartBubblegum tech experts concur… the MPG Galaxy World Projector has the power to deliver a new bedtime ritual that’s written in the stars. Galaxies beyond a run-of-the-mill nightlight, this super cool tech tool reimagines your child’s bedroom ceiling and walls into a sky filled with nebula clouds and ethereal celestial lights. Although it doesn’t produce an “astronomically”-correct projection of the constellations and planets – which would be AWESOME – it is a great way for your kids to wind down from their day. It’s also a fantastic conversation starter, opening the door for pre-sleep discussions about astronauts and space travel, camping out under a REAL starry sky, the names of all the planets, the phases of the moon and so much more. Equally important, it creates a wonderful backdrop for countless bedtime stories.

When it comes to color, the sky is virtually the limit. The MPG Galaxy World Projector features 21 different light modes allowing your child to select from shades of pink, red, blue, green, purple and silver – just to name a few. Three brightness levels and a remote control allow you to shift the scene to serene, and a built-in Bluetooth speaker paves the way for music to enhance the sense of tranquility as your little one drifts off to sleep.

In addition to soothing young children who may be afraid of the dark, a night light that uses peaceful images and comforting colors can help reduce stress and anxiety. According to IFL Science, blue is the most calming color, followed closely behind by teal and pink. 

Our verdict… shoot for the stars, mom and dad! The MPG Galaxy World Projector gets the SmartBubblegum stamp of approval. By transforming your child’s room to a planetarium of their very own, they’ll think you hung the moon.