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Community of Educators and Parents

If you’re an educator or parent, you probably recognize the huge impact that e-learning and social media has had on our kids, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re all online more than ever before, and that makes understanding the online landscape and providing the best e-learning tools available to our children crucially important.

Smart Bubblegum offers a unique solution to parents and educators faced with concerns around e-learning and social media. Smart Bubblegum is the world’s first online platform that connects parents and educators from around the world, and provides them with the best apps, tools and resources to meet your child’s educational needs.

How Does Smart Bubblegum Work?

Our team of education specialists, teachers, and parent reviewers have a deep understanding of e-learning, the pace at which children learn and the best methods to support their learning in online spaces.

By using Smart Bubblegum, you can instantly discover thousands of educational apps, tools and resources that have been researched, tested and reviewed by expert education specialists and parents alike.  Even better, becoming a member of the Smart Bubblegum platform gives you access to countless resources to support you and your kids’ e-learning journey.

To name a few, members get regular updates on news about education trends and technology on social media and beyond, ongoing support via expert advice, videos, webinars, smart tools and updates, expert and unbiased app reports, and weekly discounts, promo codes and alerts when key e-learning apps go on sale.


Conquer Educational Challenges

Feeling concerned about the impact of social media and e-learning is only natural, however with the support of Smart Bubblegum, you can jump into the area with confidence, knowing that an entire team is at hand to support you and your child in conquering educational challenges.

We’re also proud to say that connecting with education specialists and the resources Smart Bubblegum provides will always remain unbiased and neutral. We are not tied to developers or app stores, meaning that we always find the best, most effective resources for kids, families and teachers, and gather them in one place for your benefit.

Ease your concerns around social media and e-learning by joining us in our passionate pursuit of providing the best resources to skyrocket your child’s educational growth. With Smart Bubblegum, you can restore your confidence in the power of e-learning and social media for educational success.

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