Is Social Media Impacting 

Your Child’s Education?

Ever since social media first made its way into our lives, things have changed. From how we socialize, to how our children learn – social media has permanently shaped the way we do important things. But some of these changes may not be for the best. Social media can serve as a distraction for children and many parents have concerns about how social media may create bad effects on their children with issues like:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Inappropriate content
  • Privacy violations

Smart Bubblegum offers a unique solution to this. It is the world’s first online platform and tool for parents, teachers, and kids that provides real recommendations for the best apps that are age appropriate for your child to learn and grow in any subject. With so many apps on the market targeting children, it can be a time consuming and costly process to try and find the best app for your child. Choosing the wrong app can result in wasted time, money and your child not learning, or learning the wrong things.

The Smart Bubblegum team is made up of education specialists, teachers, and parent reviewers who research, test and review all the options that are out there for your children, to ensure they can use the best apps and tools to positively impact their lives and education online. This creates a curated library to help ensure that you can guide your children to the best content and tools the web has avaialble.

Smart Bubblegum takes the worry and guesswork out of choosing the best apps and allows you to see at a glance whether or not an app is suitable for your child.

How It Works

When you log into Smart Bubblegum, you can immediately find the right app for your child according to age range and subject matter. As your child advances in knowledge and understanding in a specific subject, Smart Bubblegum will continue to provide you with the answers you need to get the best apps that will entertain, interest and educate your child.

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