what if all children have the technology to learn?

Smart Bubblegum is dedicated to a literacy movement Locally, Nationally, & Globally.


SBG is proud to donate 5% of every purchased membership to  Human I-T. This nonprofit connects children in need with devices and internet access to keep up with their classroom assignments and enhance learning.

human-I-T’s team repairs donated technology that normally would be relegated to a landfill. A socially responsible company, human-I-T strives to lead the charge to closing the digital divide by giving those in need electronics free of charge.


SBG is very close to the Community Learning Center cause, partly because it’s in the neighbourhood, but mostly because it is the community hub for learning. For 20 years they have provided homework help, tutoring and GED prep for our community. We find this inspiring and have joined in on a personal level. Follow our progress – #SBG4CLC

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